Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting ready

Cold and cloudy

It looks like I'll try my hand at blogging during my upcoming trip to Europe and Thailand during the winter of 2009-2010. D-Day is still a month away but I'm starting to get excited (and a little bit nervous) about what's ahead. I'm headed to Paris and other places in Europe until just before Christmas. Then I'll spend about a month with my family: mom and brother and sister in Buffalo, NY, daughter and 3 grandchildren in North Carolina, son and grandchild in Oregon. Being with family will be a nice break from going solo, especially at Christmas. After that, I'll head to Thailand for the long winter months. I'll get back home sometime in April, hopefully after the snow melts.

I'll be traveling for 5 months living out of a suitcase, far away from Alaska! Hoping to meet some nice folks, and to have a good time exploring the world while avoiding another long Homer winter. I've been here since 1983 and I'm sick and tired of winters. Plus, I was born and raised in Buffalo where the winter weather makes Homer's look absolutely benign. It's definitely time for a change.