Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Looks like a nice day beginning here in Paris. I sat around the house yesterday catching up on emails, preparing photos for and writing in the blog so I'm keen to get out and do some power walking. As I might have mentioned, the cheese and wine here are especially good and, if I'm not mistaken, my jeans are fitting a bit tighter already despite the walking I've been doing, damn it!

Last night I video Skyped with my daughter Carin in North Carolina and got an issue resolved with Adobe that allowed me to activate my legal copy of Photoshop, my favorite, favorite computer program, through the use of the marvelous Skype program. With Skype and email one can easily stay connected with friends and family. I was able to call and speak with my 93 year-old mother on her birthday. The last time she had a relative in France was when my father was here during WWII. Needless to say, she was amazed!

Today's destination is the Musee Rodin. I'll stop along the way and buy some fruit for lunch. I'll try to resist the other tempting offerings from the boulangeries and patisseries along the way. It all looks so good though. And I have so little will power. 

A shot of the scenery on my walk today follows. It's the Seine of course with some typical Paris scenery in the background including the magnificent Notre Dame cathedral. I really should take a ride one day on one of those tour boats that constantly ply the river.

And here is a shot of a house or public building with a lovely, peaceful looking back yard or garden. Seeing as it is still autumn, there is red fruit of some kind on those vines..