Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bilbao with Marta

Naroa is visiting with family today so Marta and I spent a few hours walking around town. I hadn't planned on doing anything special today, mostly because Naroa was away, but Marta had the day off and she asked me first thing this morning, Do you want to take a walk? We could see a few sights and then stop back at the Gure Toki for some foie con manzana. Oh yes, I replied, let's do that. What a sweetheart she was to spend her day off showing me around. Plus, she was leaving for a 3-day trip to Madrid early next day. The walk was fantastic, the sun came out later and the temperature reached nearly 70, and of course the foie was sublime. Here's a photo of Marta when we started our walk. (BTW, Doug, I logged almost 22K steps on the day.)

We walked back o the Guggenheim because I had failed to get a photo of the sculpture in the adjacent plaza, a sculpture I'm sure my sister Sandy will especially enjoy seeing. Here is the "Puppy".

Afterward we walked along the river to the old town for the foie. The sun was out by now and it became quite warm. I stuffed my jacket in my pack and walked around for the first time since arriving in Europe in a short sleeved shirt. Below is the Gure Toki bar where, in the opinion of my friends, they serve the best foie con manzana in all of Basque Spain. I gotta believe it's true.

After the walk we headed back home to get Marta's car. She wanted to take me up above town to where I could get a look at Bilbao from the heights. I just had to include this shot of the exquisite Guggenheim Museum. It bears repeating that the building itself is pure art.

Marta brought me back to the flat, cooked us some lunch, and then raced off for a date with a friend. I went out for a few beers and conversation with Naroa and Ainara in the evening but we made it an early night. We will meet again in the morning for coffee and then I will head to the airport for my flight to Barcelona. On our last night together Naroa and I shared some of our favorite music: she gave me several albums by a group that we had listened to in our trip to San Sebastian called Los Delinquentes and I gave her my current favorite by Wilco, Wilco [the album]. She loves anything done by Dire straits and has every track they ever recorded. I find it strange that this young Basque lady loves Dire Straits, a group I was listening to in 1975. I reckon it's because Naroa is totally cool.

Shakespeare wrote: Parting is such sweet sorrow. Dave says, no shit Bard.